Avid Readers Wanted: Bookworms of the Internet Assemble

So, after a random discussion with a coworker, I have been inspired to dust off my cobweb crusted manuscript and seek some beta readers to help me out with some constructive criticism. This post is mainly to gauge interest from readers I have here, and if I can even get one or two people to help me out it would truly be incredible. I really want to finish out this book, since it’s my first serious attempt, and regardless of the final product I want to see it through despite a long break from it. I’m hoping the break may be just what I needed to come back to it with new eyes and really get to hacking away at it with a dull machete.

If you are interested in being a beta reader and even possibly helping me name the book please email me immediately at robbokemeyer@gmail.com with your preferred format (txt, pdf, epub, mobi, etc) and I will gladly get in touch with you about it. Thank you my fellow bibliophiles.

It goes without saying that any beta reader will receive a credit in the final work upon publication.

To hopefully whet your appetite, here is an excerpt from the book:

A Hero is Born

About three seconds later, he was afraid. This is because something had exploded against the rear of the helicopter. All of a sudden, the helicopter turned sideways, and went into a dive. Nikolas panicked. He was going to die. He was sure of it. They were probably a thousand feet in the air, and headed straight for the ground. Flames and smoke started to pour into the helicopter as they all clung to their seats as best they could hoping for a miracle. Nikolas closed his eyes and thought of Carina. He thought of her face. Her beautiful brown eyes, and slender body. He didn’t know how but he had to see her one more time. When he was a child he used to try to make things happen with his mind. He would stare at an empty coke can and try to make it move for an hour, and finally give up. Now, not knowing what to do, and knowing it was crazy he desperately started imagining the helicopter freezing in mid-air. He imagined stopping it from hitting the ground. They must be close to impact now, and it just kept falling. He knew he was crazy, but what else could he do. He didn’t want to look, he needed to distract himself from the moment they were consumed in the imminent fiery explosion. He only hoped he wouldn’t feel anything, that it would happen quickly. He again focused on trying to stop the helicopter with his mind, despite knowing he was being foolish.
As he continued straining to almost mentally pull against it, envisioning a force pushing up to offset the acceleration due to gravity, something he could not believe happened. They slowed dramatically. He continued focusing. He imagined the force upward increasing, and they slowed more, until they were almost gliding downward like a leaf on the wind.
“I am a leaf on the wind.” Nikolas said aloud. Nobody heard him. They were all looking around trying to figure out why they were slowing. Then suddenly the helicopter stopped and hung suspended in mid air.
Brock looked out the hole made by the explosion, and noticed they were suspended only about eight feet above the street. Cars had slammed on their brakes to avoid being hit, people were running in all directions and slowly stopping when they realized the impact should have occurred. They were turning back and gasping. The props were not spinning, and yet there they hung, as if hanging from an invisible wire.
“Nikolas!” Brock yelled, “why do you have your eyes closed?”
Suddenly as Nikolas opened his eyes, the helicopter suddenly dropped as if a trap door had opened beneath it. The impact with the street was pretty jarring, despite it only being an eight foot drop. But it didn’t even compare to what would have happened to them if they hadn’t been slowed down first.
As they all got up and crawled out of the helicopter, they ran a good distance away from it to safety. It was in fact still on fire, and could explode at any moment.
Nikolas was in shock, he wasn’t sure what just happened. All he knew is he was still alive, and that was a good thing.
“Nikolas,” Dr. Gray said in a hushed tone to avoid anyone but them hearing, “were you thinking about the helicopter stopping while your eyes were closed.”
“Yeah, how did you know? I thought back to when I was a kid and I would try to make things happen with my mind, you know, silly kid stuff. But that can’t be what happened, right? That’s crazy. Did the pilot regain control or something before we hit?”
“No son, I had no power the entire time, as soon as the explosion happened, I lost all control of the helicopter,” the pilot said, having overheard his question.
“My god, Brock,” Dr. Gray said with a look of sheer wonder on his face, “do you know what this means?”
“It means we have created the world’s first mind capable of telekinesis,” he responded.

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