We are all duped each and every day, until we see the light.
For months we see commercials telling us of the coming of something new,

something truly great, which, if we can only get hold of, will fill that void
we hadn’t even noticed until it was pointed out.

Sad souls, chasing the latest and greatest piece of planned obsolescence,
but we never notice the plan, instead we think things just change quickly,

but things don’t change, not really,

they just rearrange, because nothing is good until it’s new,
and nothing can be new for long.
A song gets old after several plays,
a new car loses something after a few days,

so they take a thing that was new, paint it a different hue,
use a new type of adamantium coated screw,
and then they unleash it alongside clever brainwashing techniques
to make the undiscerning wonder how they ever got through the day without it,

and then we all go out and willingly relieve ourselves of our cash to have this new thing.
Then comes the sting, you’re the proud owner of the greatest thing since sliced bread,

and in your head you feel that all the hours you worked to pay for it were worth it
for a few days, or months,
until you see the new commercial
advertising model 2.0.

The fuckers are brilliant, if only because they are persistent,
and of course because it keeps working.
There is big money in discontent,
imagine all the money spent to remedy the ache.

How much would it take for you to be happy?
How many more crappy devices must you consume,
before you recognize the lies they feed you.

The majority of us never see it, and probably never will.
Instead we try to keep up this fools pace, to stay one step ahead,
or if we can’t envy those who can, hoping one day we can count ourselves

among the fortunate ones.

Imagined exclusivity calls us to buy mass manufactured goods thinking we’ll be part
of a privileged few.

And so we make payments
to count ourselves among the millions or billions who are just as gullible as us.



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